At its best, Dove is a brand that touches the heart. Touch and Real are two very important words here. The language Dove uses has to authentically convey the feeling its products have on our skin.
In the example below, we used poetry to describe the beauty of a mother's body. 
This particular piece won a Cannes Bronze Lion for script writing and a Gold Lion for radio. 

A beauty brand also has to have a say on gender, work ethics and race. The film below has energy and pride, coming from the very same voice.

Dove is driven by meaningful human insights. The radio spot below uses language and the technique of dichotic listening to show that negative information weighs more heavily on the brain. Especially in the case of young girls, who often struggle to build body confidence and self-esteem. 

The two posters below were part of the Choose Beautiful campaign. These ads tackle two very different choices in an equally empathetic and caring way.
This campaign won a Bronze Lion in Cannes and a Grand Clio for PR.
Poster on the left
Poster on the right

We created a whole new positioning for Hellmann's: We're on the side of food. This involved a complete redesign of the brand, from language and tone of voice to its visual world and behavior.
The long copy ads below are part of the global launch. They won a Cannes Silver Lion for writing craft, two D&AD pencils for writing and were voted the best print ads of the year by Campaign magazine in the UK.
The social media posts below also featured Hellmann's tongue in cheek tone of voice. 
And we used that same voice to craft nearly 100 assets for the global launch. And every one of them was edible: you could click on any image and download the recipe for that particular dish. Eat the ads.
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