The fastest rise of sexually transmitted diseases in the UK is amongst the over 65s. This tells us two things: A) that they're having sex, and B) that they're not looking after themselves.
Due to an outdated sexual education from the 1950s, many think that condoms are just about preventing pregnancy (something they're not worried about at this point) and others are simply too embarrassed to buy them in the first place.
So — the UK's largest relationship charity — used Briton's 2nd favourite pass time to address the 1st: gardening.

The Hornicultural Society
and its garden themed set of condoms.
It was Relate's most successful activation yet, and the PR around it made sure the whole nation was aware of the subject. And how to address it.
The campaign has won 7 D&AD Pencils, 7 The One Show Pencils and 4 Cannes Lions.
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